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Chiron-centaur ver.
 Code 20081221113301
 Selling Price 850.00
 Points 8.50
 Head choice
 Skin, the lower body of human
 Make up
 Manufacturer SOULDOLL
 QTY + -
 Totel Price


*  This is not limited edition.
*  Because this doll makes after order, 
   it's impossible to cancel of the order or refund since we confirm to customer's payment.
*  Regarding to the shipment of this doll, please inquiry it us seperately.
*  The makeup option applied only the face, not includes body brushing, nail painting.

[Making period]
>For the most part, it takes time about 7~8 weeks for make a doll
  we need to take time more than 2~3 weeks for a while
  rushing orders or a climate of high temperature and a hunidity.)
  If you choose makeup option, we need to take time more 1-2 weeks.

  [About grey skin]

  Parting lines on the grey skin body can appear little roughly and hard more than
  white & normal skin.
  Also some marbling & minute hole and can appear on the body but we can't remove them
  because the difference with original color tone. 
  And, parts of joint can wear down more than other skins.
  We don't accept the exchange of a doll by this point.
Therefore, please make a careful decision after due consideration.

[Body brushing]

 * We regret to inform you that this service can't be supplied for some time according to
    makeup artist's certain reason.
We will do our best for the protective packaging.
  However, the painting on surface of doll can peel away a little bit during delivery process or
  moving joint parts.

  We don't the exchange or re-makeup by the reason.
  Please make a careful decision after due consideration.


Doll / Assembled.


* No Makeup

Eyes / 16 mm

Basically, same eyes on above images will be sent.
Please state your request in [order comments] box on order page if you would like to get other eyes for this doll

Kipping box

*Cushions are included.

Extra tensions



Assembling Manual


All international shipments are shipped EMS service only.
* UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc. is possible, but delivery fare is verier expensive than EMS.
  However, e-mail us if you want to get UPS, FEDEX, DHL service.

 EMS service needs 3~7 business days ordinary.
Packages are precisely weighed after we process and pack your order.
Shipping fees are determined entirely by EMS.
Item being shipped within 3~7 day of receiving payment EMS in a box. (Exception dolls)
We are able to notify customers when their order ships as email with tracking number.

[ Return Policy ]

Once an order is placed, it is processed.
Any cancellation will be charged a 20% fee to cover the costs involved with processing the order and a store credit will be issued for the remainder.

For returns for any reason other than damage, buyers have to charge all return shipping cost and no refund of shipping costs.
But, the Souldoll will not accept returns on items that have been exposed to cigarette or any other type of smoke, mold/mildew, water, or is returned in any condition other than the original shipping condition.
And no returns on doll itself, sale or clearance items, or anything marked 'special'.
All sales on these items are final!

Email The Souldoll to report any damages at souldoll7@hotmail.com.


[ Damage In Shipping Return Policy ]

Damaged products during purchase and shipping may be returned and exchanged.
However, damages caused by end-user customer are not qualified for return.

We inspect all dolls and items before they leave our store to insure that they are mint has any accessory that is noted in the description.
We will only accept the doll for repair if something is found wrong with the doll and we are notified of this within 3 days of the date of delivery.
Damaged shipments must be reported immediately with the item(s), all papers, packing materials, wrapping, original boxes, etc. retained.
Damage will be reported to EMS service and a damage claim initiated.
Following inspection, damaged merchandise can be returned for an exchange of the same item only, no exceptions.

Upon shipping, all dolls are in mint condition and have never been removed from packaging, unless otherwise specified before shipping.
If you should receive a damaged doll due to shipping, please e-mail us and we will gladly resend another doll.
We will gladly credit any shipping charges incurred once we have received the damaged merchandise.
Please remember to keep all packaging of damaged goods. We will inform you how to return the damaged product via post office.

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Simply stunning...
2008/12/22 Modify  Delete

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Centaur legs
2009/10/06 Modify  Delete
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